Feature Film
Running time 74 minutes

I mostly wanted to make a film about narcissism… But I also wanted to tell a story about a poet in a contemporary setting. Poetry is the only art form in my opinion that is vitrually impossible to base a financially stable model upon… Those who create and share poetry do it most often because of their love for the form, as it’s difficult to imagine any other reason why one would pursue such an activity. Within the context of this movie, our poet steals… But not only does she steal, she steals things that apply to her vanity, primarily clothing, but also frivolous things like candy, and emotional fixtures like other people’s romantic partners. This to me is the comedy, the narcissist who indulges in her art, and takes things that subvert the order she seems to be rallying against. The anti-capitalist theme juxtaposed with the need and desire of money and attention to survive is surely no accident, and hopefully provides the basis for some deeper thought, especially when things turn darker in the story, as the characters experience death.

Dasha and I have been friends IRL for about two years, and my desire to make this film and write the story came from the experience of our friendship. We first met at an art opening where I recognized Dasha from her provocative IG account. I told her I wanted to work together, she was unimpressed, but I suppose intrigued enough to get a coffee. We came to realize that we had several friends in common, and we went on to form our own friendship. Dasha would come to my studio certain afternoons, where we took turns speaking over each other and grieving about our respective problems. Not that the story of Softness of Bodies has much to do specifically with what was said in those conversations, it’s more an attempt to capture the tonality of how we spoke to each other… The jokes we would tell, the darkness of the humor we shared, and the overwhelming tragedy in our lives that not a single person in this world other than the two of us would pity. My hope is that the movie is at least an iota as entertaining as my friendship with Dasha has been, especially during the time I’ve just described.

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